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Who is Provenance Technologies, Inc. (PTI)?

PTI provides innovators with a simple tool that connects the crypto-fiat payment rails and smoothly manages all compliance requirements.

The PTI Solution

Provenance Technologies, Inc. (PTI) provides regulated crypto-fiat payments services embedded within a diverse set of online marketplace and virtual economies. PTI offers a simple API to connect to crypto-fiat wallet and payment settlement technology and manages related compliance functions. PTI’s solution enables the customers of its Client partners to hold stored value and engage in the peer-to-peer exchange of NFTs. To learn more visit


CEO Scott F. Butler (Facebook, TIlia, Credit Suisse New York & Hong Kong), has secured over two hundred payments licenses/registrations, guided companies through over fifty regulatory exams and legitimized the concepts of digital identity and virtual world economies with US and non-US regulators. His career demonstrates that driving innovation and maintaining a strong compliance program are not mutually exclusive.

VP of Finance/Token Operations, Bina Motiram (RocketFuel, the Real Real), excels at creating smooth financial operations within complex environments.

Read more about our full leadership team at 

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