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What is Identity Verification?

What is Identity Verification?

Identity Verification refers to the process of collecting certain information from a customer to confirm their identity in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

Why do I have to complete Identity Verification, and what happens if I don't?

To help keep our clients' spaces safe, part of our legal responsibility involves understanding who we’re doing business with. As a regulated financial institution, PTI is required to collect information on customers when accounts are opened, particular transactions are made, or certain thresholds are reached. We may also request information about your identity to complete other obligations such as thresholds for W-9 (tax) information. 

When verifying your identity, you may be asked to provide us with current and accurate information about yourself such as:

  • Name
  • Address (must be a street address)
  • Date of birth
  • Drivers license or other government-issued identification
  • Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number (US residents only)

We use a national database to verify the information provided. In some cases, we may request that you send additional documents or information.

The information you provide will only be used for verification and will not be sold or rented to third parties without your consent. For more information on the data we collect and how we store it, please see our Privacy Policy.

If you don’t provide the requested information and/or we’re unable to verify your identity, we may not be able to process transactions for you and may have to close your account.

How do I complete Identity Verification?

Completing Identity Verification is quick, simple, and straightforward, but if you need some help we have a step-by-step walkthrough available here.

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