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Completing Identity Verification (Walkthrough)

Please take note of the information required to complete identity verification, then click the "Let's get started" button to proceed.

First, select your country of residence (this should be the country that issued your ID).

Enter your name and address as they appear on your ID. Please note that US residents must also include their Social Security Number (SSN).

Enter your mobile phone number so that we can verify it via SMS.

Enter the 6-digit code to proceed to the next step.

Next, you'll get ready to submit a photo of your ID and a live selfie. Not sure what we accept as ID? Click the "See list of all approved documentation" link, or read this article.

Use your smartphone to scan the QR code, and you'll complete identity verification from your phone's browser.

In your mobile browser, take note of the warning about permissions; you'll need to allow the identity verification site to access your smartphone's camera in order to proceed.

After the "Capture your document" prompt you'll capture images of the front and back of your ID. Make sure to click "OK" if prompted to use your current location.

The Auto Capture feature will detect your ID when it's in the frame, but you can use the circular shutter button to manually capture the image, too. You'll do the same for the back of your ID. And don't worry, you can review the captured images before submitting.

Next, you'll take a live selfie.

The system will analyze your submission. Once you see the green check you can return to your PTI account.

You're done! Your PTI account will show your identity verification status. If we couldn't verify you automatically you'll be notified that your verification is under review.

If your verification requires review, please keep an eye on your email; we'll be contacting you there regarding next steps.

If you have more questions about Identity Verification please see our support articles here, or submit a ticket.

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