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How do I Request a Payout? (Walkthrough)

Getting Started

Before requesting a Payout take note of the following:

  1. At present, Payouts only available to customers residing in the US and Canada.
  2. If you haven't already completed Identity Verification you'll be prompted to do so as part of your Value Out request.
  3. You must be the beneficiary of the Payout. In other words, your Payout must go to your own bank account (not your mom's, a friend's, etc.).
  4. You can only have one active Payout request at a time.
  5. You have to Payout your entire account balance. If your balance is 2,500 tokens you must request all 2,500.
  6. We'll automatically deduct any transaction fees.


Check out your game's Account Balance and click the "Sell ___coins" button (this'll look a little different depending on what game you're playing, but the process is the same).

After signing into your PTI account you may be prompted to complete Identity Verification. Click the "Verify now" button to access the Identity Verification process, and we have a walkthrough available here. If you've already completed Identity Verification you'll be automatically taken to the next step.

Next you'll complete the Payouts Request Form. All fields are required, and the name and address in the Beneficiary Information section must be the ones you used for Identity Verification.

Fees are already calculated, but note that the wire fee only applies to Canadian customers.

Once you hit the "Submit request" button the confirmation screen will show you the coin amount, the Payout amount, and the fee(s) applied.

That's it! Once we've completed processing your request we'll send you a confirmation via email.

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